Food, Fashion, and Philadelphia: La Dominique’s Crepe Truck


Food, Fashion, and Philadelphia: La Dominique’s Crepe Truck

If you ever questioned the connection between the food trucks and fashion then you clearly have not ventured to University City’s crepe truck in Philadelphia: La Dominique’s. Last fall, my journalism class was given an assignment to describe what we saw when we ordered a crepe from the pristine food truck located on 33rd and Market. In my description, I described how the owner/chef, Zbiginiew Chojnacki (Ziggy) drizzled the sweet and/or savory sauce onto each crepe as though he was signing one of his pieces of art. “Ah, well he is an artist!” exclaimed my professor.

As a former sculptor and modern jewelry designer, Ziggy still continues to prepare his crepes with a distinct aesthetic. His imaginative recipes like the Mexican Crepe ($6.00 only) includes ground beef, onion, peppers, corn and tomato topped with fresh vegetable salsa. Equally avant-garde is the Spring Crab crepe, that is filled with crab, cream cheese, fresh dill, hard-boiled egg, tomato, cucumber and onion. Each morning around 11: 00, Ziggy arrives with only the finest, new “materials” such a fresh vegetables, fruit and hormone-free meat, all of which are folded into his paper-thin crepes.

Until 5:00 PM, one can get a truly healthy meal or snack right around the corner from Penn’s campus. The Vegetarian Crepe ($5, grilled zucchini, broccoli, green pepper, artichokes, creamed spinach and parmesan cheese) is a nutritious and satisfying lunch. You can even add free-range egg whites for an extra dose of protein! For those who are still nostalgic for your former European lifestyle abroad, satisfy your sweet afternoon craving with the top selling crepe: Strawberry Banana Nutella ($5) with a touch of pralines, whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce. Every designer needs a muse so Ziggy’s most loyal customer and inspiration is his five year old granddaughter, Dominique, who enjoys “anything with whip cream,” according to her grandfather.

So as the temperatures are rising, I felt guilty keeping this perfect spot for a cheap, light lunch to myself (which was also listed by USA Today as the “10 great places to feast from a food truck” ). Amid the ubiquitous breakfast sandwich trucks populating Spruce and Walnut, mix it up and venture to La Dominque’s to admire and taste a true work of art.

Is food still on your mind? See our food shoot, A Moveable Feast, in The WALK’s Winter 2012 magazine.

Check out Ziggy’s studio here!

– Jordyn Shaffer




  1. Bonnie

    I love La Dominique! I go to Drexel’s law school and let me tell you, having him right outside our front door is such a tease. As much as I’d love to, I really cannot afford to eat there everyday! He also got rid of my favorite crepe: the chicken & veggie crepe. SO good! Ziggy is such a sweetheart too!

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