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Fling Shoes

While you may have had your t-shirt planned for months and already filled your fanny pack with the “necessities,” you can never forget the importance of shoes to any fling outfit. A bold pair of sneakers, whether that means neon or glitter, gives any fling look a little more personality, especially when 200 other people are wearing the exact same shirt as you. So find that old pair of converse (maybe not the black ones since the temperature is supposed to be in the high sixties) or invest in a new pair of glitter Toms, but remember to choose a color that does not completely clash with your obnoxiously bright tank!

Glitter Toms: The light blue is one of the more understated colors, but if you want to make an even bigger statement go for the hot pink!

 Superga: The hot pink will look great with any white t-shirt. A pair of white ones are classic and you can be sure that they will look broken in (hopefully not too dirty) by the end of the fling.

Vans: The color of the sequins makes this pair perfect with almost any outfit.

Converse: You probably have a pair sitting in the back of your closet. If not, invest in a bright color, like these purple ones, to wear for the rest of the spring.

-Mae Hochhauser



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