Fling Shoes: Men’s Edition

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Fling Shoes: Men’s Edition

Alas, Spring Fling is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate the most wonderful time of the (Penn) year. As you gear up to get fratty tomorrow and engage in all the debauchery you please, take a few minutes to consider your footwear for the next two days. You’ll be standing outside for hours at a time, jumping around at the Friday night concert, and having sorority girls chase after you left and right. Take a look at our picks for a few shoe choices for your Spring Fling.

Classic Converse: The bright red is a stylish addition to your pinnie and shorts. Perfect for rocking out in the crowd (or on stage) with your favorite Penn bands in the Quad.









Puma: These sneakers have the comfort and wearability to get you from early morning mimosas to concert crowd surfing.









Lacoste: Wear these sharp white sneakers to keep a sleek profile, no matter how sloppy everyone else around you gets.








Sperry Topsider: These classic boat shoes will hold up from your 6 a.m. shotgun start all the way into late night partying at your off-campus house.









MK Kleva

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