Fling Edition: What’s In My Fanny Pack?

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Fling Edition: What’s In My Fanny Pack?

Fling is just around the corner, and girls (and maybe boys?) across campus will be sporting fanny packs of all shapes, sizes and colors. This bag provides ample room for hands free partying, and lets you dance without worry of straps breaking or spilling. Here are a few things I’m planning on keeping in mine this weekend:

1. Frat glasses with croakies: These glasses are essential for Fling. They come in every color imaginable and pretty much every organization on campus makes them. Plus, you won’t miss them if you lose them, which you won’t if you put them in croakies.

2. Phone: How else are you going to call your friends when you get lost?

3. Money: To buy delicious goodies from the Quad Fair, and anything else you might need.

4. ID Holder and Keys: This keeps everything in one place, like your PennCard and credit cards. Just don’t lose it…

5. Camera: To capture the moments you probably won’t remember.

6. Breath Strips: They keep your breath minty fresh, plus they feel cool when they dissolve on your tongue.

7. Chap Stick: It’s tinted, so even as they day goes on you can still re-apply that small amount of colour.

8. Lighter: You can wave it in the air when Passion Pit plays “Let Your Love Grow Tall.”

9. Hair ties: The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, and you won’t want your hair in your face while you are flinging.

These are just some suggestions! You could also bring some candy (fling never tasted so sweet, right?) or gum, and anything else fun you think you’ll need. Just remember to pack light– a heavy fanny pack is no fun when you’re jumping around to Tiesto.

Check out fanny pack options here.

— Rama Hamarneh

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