Exploring the Penn Blogosphere


Exploring the Penn Blogosphere

A shout-out to two of the many Penn Student blogs that we love.

1.  The “gifs” that keep on giving: WhatshouldwecallPenn

We all love to hate how much time we waste on this site. We can relate to every post and secretly submit to it all the time. Don’t be shy… it’s just so addicting, right? Since its launch a couple of weeks ago, there has already been spin-offs and a Twitter account. The gifs are just oh-so-appropriate and they find more relevance to our lives than the even more famous Whatshouldwecallme tumblr account.

Haven’t been to this site yet? Feel free to come out from under the rock you’ve been living under and go visit it now!

Favorite post:

"When people start telling me what I did during Fling"


2. Our stylish Whartonites: The Whartorialist


First year Bredesen Lewis puts some spring in his step with this blue hued ensemble.

“Business school is hard, fashion should be easy. Let us be your daily style fix.”

The Wharton Graduate Retail Club’s trendy fashion site, The Whartorialist, is rightly dubbed as an homage to the well-known fashion blog The Sartorialist. The Whartorialist is out to share fashion advice with fellow Quakers, giving special attention to tips in the daunting world of business.

As their mission statement says, “The Whartorialist is your destination for fashion news, shopping tips, and MBA style. Our contributors are constantly roaming the halls of Huntsman waiting to capture the best looks on film. So break out that new pair of shoes, or that snazzy new tie and you might just see yourself gracing the computer screen.”

Will we see you next?




-Nanette Nunu





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