Behind the Scenes of our Summer 2012 Issue!


Behind the Scenes of our Summer 2012 Issue!

The time has come.  Starting tomorrow, The WALK Summer 2012 will be on the Walk… so go grab a copy!

We, at The WALK, are just as excited as you are to see our new Summer 2012 print issue! Keep an eye out for The WALK magazine which will be around campus  starting this Wednesday (on Locust, in many of Penn’s buildings such as in the highrises and in libraries, and even in downtown shops).

But, before we unveil it, we’re taking you behind the scenes to see all of the fantastic work that goes into creating it. From shooting at 30th street station, to featuring YOU in our magazine, let’s hear about what our staff remembers most and what they can’t wait for you to read.

Our inspiration for our Electric Factory beauty shoot- Violent Lips!

As the new creative director of The WALK, what was your favorite shoot for this magazine and what did you draw your inspiration from? For me, the Electric Factory beauty shoot was the most fun photo shoot this semester. We have wanted to do a color blocking beauty shoot for a few issues now, but have not been able to pull it off because we do not usually have the right equipment to make it look professional. So, when we were able to collaborate with Violent Lips, we knew that it was time to put the concept into action. Violent Lips and recent MAC color blocking ads inspired the looks. The printed backdrops are part of Bonnie’s photography style and work perfectly with the 60s pop art looks on the girls. I wanted the beauty shoot to show how make-up can transform you into a pop icon, whether it’s Creature of the Night or channeling your Solar Flare! – Erica Sachse, Creative Director

Erica modeling her favorite look from our Spring 2012 Issue!

At that shoot, were there any funny fashion mishaps or stories? The fact that the models did not even recognize themselves after prep was pretty hysterical. The wigs and makeup absolutely transformed them into different people. Having the models embrace their new identity made the shoot even more successful. I remember Andrea saying over and over that she couldn’t believe that was really her when she looked at the photos! – Erica Sachse, Creative Director

If you could own any of the outfits you styled, which one would it be and why? I’d want to own Mimi’s feather cape and long striped skirt in Time Travel. I thought it was by far one of the best looks ever featured in The WALK. Not only did she look absolutely stunning in it, but the look was the perfect mix of runway haute couture and relaxed street style. That is definitely how I try to dress; I taper the extreme with the classic. While I did not end up buying any pieces from that look, I did purchase the black asymmetrical tiered skirt that Julia wore with the pink mohair jacket. I wore it to my cousin’s bar mitzvah, and my uncle asked me who chopped off the front of my skirt! I always try to keep people guessing about my clothes. – Erica Sachse, Creative Director

Look out for Jordyn, our former website Editorial Director, in our print magazine!

What do you think everyone will be most excited to read about? This is a tough question! I think people will be interested to see our feature called “Penn Speaks,” in which they can see what Penn students have been up to this past semester and what the Penn community thinks about fashion. We also have a great guide to hosting a classy party when you need a break from frat parties and Smokes.  – Emily Sherbany, Editor-in-Chief

Tell us about Penn Speaks and what you like most about it. Penn Speaks was our way of reaching out to the Penn community and trying to get as many people involved as possible! I love that it’s more interactive than anything we’ve done in the past, and I think it’ll be really cool for people to open up the magazine and see pictures of themselves and their friends right on the pages. – Leah Pellegrini, Editorial Director

Shooting the amazing graduating seniors for their send-off article!

If you had to choose one, what article are you most looking forward to read? I’m really obsessed with all of the articles in this issue, but I think “Zaching Is Believing” is one of my favorites. It’s such a cool, inspiring cause–I can’t wait for everyone to read all about it. – Leah Pellegrini, Editorial Director

What was the most challenging thing working on the print magazine as the new Editor-in-Chief? The most challenging thing was probably trying to fit everything that goes into producing the magazine, from brainstorming to completing layout, into an eight-week timeline. Luckily, The WALK had an amazingly talented and dedicated group of leaders and staff members this semester who helped make it possible! – Emily Sherbany, Editor-in-Chief

Don’t forget to pick up a copy tomorrow!

– Elonia McHenry



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