What’s In My Bag?

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What’s In My Bag?

Bag – Balenciaga, Arena Giant Day bag in Purple.

iPhone – I can’t live without my iPhone (or siri). It not only functions for communication– I also my calendar while on the go. Then there’s the camera function which I use to capture moments of the “you’ll never believe what I saw/did” variety and to freeze moments in time with my best friends.

Healthy snack – Running between classes, I keep my energy up by eating small snacks between meals. Having celiac disease (no gluten) limits my options but I love these Kind bars which have no added sugar and are made only of dried fruit and nuts.

iPad – Whether in class or killing time in between, I always keep my iPad with me. And with a long lasting battery life, it functions to read fashion blogs, watch TV shows while in the gym, read the newspaper or taking notes in class. (It doesn’t hurt for procrastination purposes either). The key to keeping my bag a manageable weight is having a case that doesn’t weigh too much.

Bottega Veneta makeup case – I always keep a small amount of makeup with me at all times. I don’t wear much to begin with, but I find it essential to carry Bobbi Brown bronzer, Chanel lip-gloss, Bobbi Brown concealer, and Chanel eyeliner at all times. I carry it in this cute case so that it doesn’t spill in my bag and as an added bonus the color means I can always reach into my bag and find it, and the small size helps limit what I can carry.

Miscellaneous – I was always taught to carry a piece of jewelry and a scarf with me. You never know when you might have to take that day’s outfit meant only for going to class, to meeting a roommate or boyfriend’s parents. Having a great cocktail ring handy (like this gold and purple Yves Saint Laurent one) can effortlessly take any outfit from traditional (and perhaps boring) to more up to date. A scarf (in this case of the black variety) helps conceal a low cut shirt, or helps keep warm if you find yourself without a jacket.

…You will also never find me without a package of gum and a bottle of water, and with a handbag large enough to carry all of my necessities.

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— H. Miller 

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