Two Essential French Footwear Brands for Spring

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Two Essential French Footwear Brands for Spring

In my humble opinion, every spring wardrobe must be anchored by at least one quality pair of sandals and one pretty pair of flats.  If you’re looking to invest in some new options, Repetto and K. Jacques both produce timeless, comfortable, and chic shoes–although they can be challenging to find in the U.S., they are undoubtedly worth the hunt.

Every French girl loves Repetto, and with good reason.  Rose Repetto opened a ballet flat shop in Paris 65 years ago, and today, Repetto has become a globally successful maker of versatile flats in a variety of materials (suede, leather, snakeskin…). The flats, available in a rainbow of colors, metallics, and prints, never fail to make an outfit appear très put-together.  As an added bonus, Repetto flats mold to your feet and can be adjusted for any challenging shoe needs.  While they are a bit pricey, they are completely worth the splurge: they will last forever and always look great.

K. Jacques is my other can’t-live-without shoe brand.  Based in St. Tropez, K. Jacques delivers plush, comfortable, high quality leather sandals in both classic, neutral colors and vibrant neons.  K. Jacques shoes are incredibly wearable, and they pair just as well with a day (or even night) dress as they do with a bathing suit (although I would not risk exposing my sandals to the dangers of a pool).  K. Jacques sandals are also not cheap, yet they are guaranteed to outlast any other pair of sandals in your wardrobe.










Repetto and K. Jacques are often difficult to find in U.S. bricks-and-mortar stores (if you are in Paris, do not miss K. Jacques’ boutique in the Marais or Repetto’s shop on Rue de la Paix), but luckily they’re available on several websites.  Repetto:  SaksOpening Ceremony, net-a-porter, and on the Repetto website;  K. Jacques:  Shopbop, net-a-porter, Neiman Marcus, and on the K. Jacques website.

For more on finding French fashion in America, check out The WALK‘s article on French brands invading NYC.

-Alli Kaye

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