Take Some Winter into Spring

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Take Some Winter into Spring

Once the temperature hits above 55 degrees, we are all quick to say goodbye to heavy sweaters and hello to sandals. But before you ship home a box of winter clothes, hold on to a few of these key winter pieces to add an unexpected edge to your spring wardrobe.




The Leather Jacket: April nights can still be chilly! Pair your leather jacket with a light dress during the day or throw it over a tank at night.







Black Tights: I first loved this boho ensemble when I saw it on fashion blog Vanessa Jackman. It’s a great look for when it’s too cold for bare legs but you’re bored of your jeans. Try a pair of sheer black stocking under shorts. (Steer away from thick, textured tights.)







Pullover Sweater: Carrying around a jacket “just in case” gets annoying.  Throw on a cotton pullover for a simple and stylish way to take the chill off your arms while still embracing the sunshine.





-Bridget McGeehan

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