Rise and Shine: How to Look Awake and Alert

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Rise and Shine: How to Look Awake and Alert

We all know that getting enough rest is key to taking care of ourselves.  But unfortunately, the college lifestyle hardly lends itself to the prime eight hours of shut eye.  Here are some tips to fake that awake and refreshed look!


Skin is often the first thing that suffers from lack of sleep.  Keep your complexion dewy by drinking lots of water and moisturizing your skin every day.  For tackling under-eye circles, moisturizing cream specifically for eyes is a must.

Stay hydrated with this cute and eco-friendly water bottle! $21.99, mysigg.com

Try this little miracle worker to hydrate and decrease puffy and tired eyes. $29, nordstrom.com

Fake It

A few simple beauty tricks can also do the trick.

Use a light colored eye pencil to highlight the inside and outside corners of the eyes, the waterline of the eye, and under the arch of the brow to immediately widen and brighten eyes.  These will fix tired eyes right up:

Benefit Eye Bright Pencil, $20, sephora.com


Sephora Jumbo Liner in beige, $12, sephora.com

Oldies but Goodies

These faithful tips always do the trick for fighting the fatigued look.

 Placing dampened, cold green tea bags on undereye puffiness and discoloration for 10 minutes really helps, due to the tannin and caffeine in them. $3.99, drugstore.com.

Bronzer is the best way to fake an overall glow.  Try this light bronzer from Maybelline to look fresh and glowing! $4.40, drugstore.com


– Sophia Fischler-Gottfried


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