IOTD: Nail Art Pens


IOTD: Nail Art Pens

  I have never been crazy with the nails, just switch up the polish every few weeks and that was that.  Until…I met my friend who introduced me to a whole new world of nail art.  I was blown away by the blogs  showing tribal designs, florals, cheetah; any pattern you can dream of, these people can do it.  If you want to spice up your mani, how about adding a few jewels here and there with Urban Outfitter’s Nail Art Pen.  It is only $10 and is two for the price of one! One side of the tube is a thin pen for more intricate designs and the other side is full of shimmering jewels.  Plus, black and gold are perfect staple colors that can easily add a bit of an edge to a more simple color.  If you really want the jewels to stand out, try a matte finish for the base coat and voila, you are ready to go!

-Sarah Kehoe    Buy Here


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