IOTD: Cambridge Fluorescent Satchel


IOTD: Cambridge Fluorescent Satchel

 We’ve finally seen some sunshine and spring fling is just around the  corner.  To brighten up our wardrobes, what is better than a splash of  neon?  I’ll have to admit I was never big on this trend but when I saw  The Cambridge Satchel Company Fluorescent Satchel, I fell in love.  And I fell hard. I am usually wearing a lot of black and this bag is a  perfect way to add some pow to an outfit.  The satchel is average sized, making it ever so easy for us college students to fit our endless supply of junk into one bag.  Although it is a bit pricey at $155, we have all witnessed how the neon trend has made it’s way back once again onto the runways.  If it goes out of style one season, there is no doubt it will make it’s way back onto the streets in no time.  And people will definitely be stopping to stare.

– Sarah Kehoe

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