Fannypacks for Fling


Fannypacks for Fling

The countdown begins and we’ve got to get prepared.  As Passion Pit and Tiesto will be rocking the stage, I want to make sure I am fully prepared in the bleachers or on the floor.  I don’t need things spilling out of my pocket or being stepped on so my solution is the fannypack.  I know we are all a bit hesitant bringing back the 80’s but trust me you will be thanking me later.  We are college students (and obviously don’t have a big budget) so I’m going to give options upon options for working your very own fannypack. If you really just can’t get yourself to strap this badboy around your waist, I’ve given a few crossbody bags to ease your pain.

We all know everyone rushes to American Apparel about an hour before the concert and is stuck with all the not so cute colors that have been left behind.  Get a head start and order here for vibrant blue or pink hue!    The leather one (on the left) is more pricey while the original is only about $25.


If you want to get a bit more use out of your purchase, Urban Outfitters has some stylish versions that could be used as future accessories.  Pricing at about $30, these bags aren’t as standout as neon bags but will certainly help you make a fashion statement (studs are in).


Not feeling like these are crazy enough for your spring fling mojo? Luckily, I have just the thing (and it’s only $26).  Patricia Field has got bling that will knock you off your feet and will have everybody staring at your fannypack in awe.


But for those of you who still aren’t convinced to buy one after looking at these stunners, I’ve got a few more options…

Target                                              ASOS                                                               Free People


So click on the links and start shopping!

-Sarah Kehoe

























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