Behind the Scenes: Penn Fashion Week Promo Video


Behind the Scenes: Penn Fashion Week Promo Video

Before break the marketing team for Penn Fashion Week disguised the soccer house in lights and balloons to film their new promotion video.  The short film features student models wearing clothes and accessories borrowed from local Philadelphia boutique Sugarcube. The film’s producer and sophomore Pascale Tam told The WALK that the main objective of the film is to get people “pumped up” about fashion week and also to showcase student modeling and cinematic work. She added that the film will most likely premier before the first fashion show.

Director and photographer Evan Robinson and video editor Tyler Pridgen–also sophomores– worked behind the scenes to create a fresh and unique spin on Fashion week by simulating an (all too familiar) college house party.  “I want to showcase the bracelet while she holds the cup or the shoes when someone stands in line,” Evan Robinson said about his main ideas for the film. He emphasized that true and expressive dressing comes out when students go to parties, exclaiming “these are the fun subtleties that stand out to me.”  Check back for more behind the scenes coverage leading up to Penn Fashion Week!

–Bridget McGeehan

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