Spring Break: Snow Edition

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Spring Break: Snow Edition

With spring break little more than a week away, some of us are preparing to head north for some snow filled adventure. Spring skiing is one of my favorite things to do.  The snow base is deep, the bluebird days are more plentiful, and, as the temperature rises, the crowds and high-season prices melt away. The mountain has a different magic as the weather warms: goggles can be swapped for sunglasses, lunches are enjoyed outdoors, and quitting early for après-ski is part of the experience.

As with any vacation, soon you’ll be asking yourself: “What should I pack? What should I wear? But I hate helmets!” Don’t panic, you can still be fashionable while in snow pants. Check out some great on and off the mountain apparel below.

Gear Tips for Sunny Skiing:

  • Layering: Since the weather is warmer, keep your options open by wearing an extra insulating layer that you can take off if you get too hot. I usually wear my shell, this extra layer, a sweater, and a long sleeve shirt. Under Armour has a huge variety of insulating layers.
  • SPF: Even in the winter our skin is exposed to harmful UV-rays. Snow sports only heighten this exposure because of the reflection added by the snow. So stop the wrinkles, avoid the embarrassing goggle tan, and grab some sunscreen. I use Josie Maran Protect Daily SPF; it’s lightweight and also doubles as a great makeup primer.
  • Polarized Lenses: Make sure your goggles or sunglasses are polarized. Snow brings out the worst in glare, reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s brightness right at your eyes. Oakley is my favorite goggle brand, with comfortable goggles that come in just about every color.
A ski trip wouldn’t be complete without your dose of after-ski fun. Need some outfit ideas?
The ensemble on the left is a nice balance of neutral tones that keeps you warm and looks great in the spring: faux-fur trimmed coat, chunky sweater, accent scarf, skinny jeans, crepe blouse and shearling booties. If you’re going somewhere that’s particularly still cold, however, definitely go for an warmer outfit with an insulated coat like on the right: Canada Goose Expedition Parka, slouchy pullover, Mukluk Boots and warm winter accessories.
-Julia Molo

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