Even More Styles for the Slopes


Even More Styles for the Slopes


We loved our last ski post so much, we decided to update you once more, focusing on ski gear.

With spring break just around the corner, you can’t help but think: beach, warm, sun. However, as we said before, many take advantage of these remaining winter weeks and, trading in their bikinis for winter wear,  head to the slopes.  Unlike the beach, you can’t just throw on a swimsuit and cover-up and look cute.  Fashion in the snow is, admittedly, a challenge.  Who wants to get on a chairlift with that cute boy  looking bland and puffy in that old winter coat?

And so, it may be time to trade in the drab for a little bit of fab.  There are plenty of great new ski and snowboarding companies like Burton that specialize in new fun gear and other brands like Volcom and Roxy that also make some cool jackets, pants and boards.  You’ll definitely stay warm and certainly attract a wandering eye with these colorful looks.  You may even be able to pull off sounding like a  California skier saying things like “that was some sweet gnar man” and “this powder’s gnarly brah”, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.

Mint Green Skiing

But, be careful.  All the ostentatious colors and patterns has the potential to veer in the direction of an 80s neon ski suit look rather than a cute and athletic look. And so I have put together three options for you as you head to the slopes, focusing on colors, prints and shapes.

The ski and snowboard designs in particular are really fun, and will last you a long time if you take care of them.  My favorites include Burton’s flowered ‘Social Snowboard’ and K2’s “MissDemeanor” skis.  And if you aren’t afraid of scratching them, there’s always Chanel’s ski set. The options are endless and totally dependent on your personal style!

Just because you aren’t going somewhere warm for break shouldn’t stop you from looking your best and having a great time outdoors.

Clare Sandlund

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