Amy Gutmann: Style Icon

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Amy Gutmann: Style Icon

Ivy league university president, PhD from Harvard, author of fifteen books, and Obama’s BFF— Amy Gutmann certainly seems to have done just about everything except grace the cover of Vogue.

Penn’s number one in command always stays fashionable while meeting with top officials in government, education, and entertainment. With her life constantly documented in pictures and videos, Gutmann knows the importance of looking flawless. Just how she keeps her blonde locks looking perfectly blown out every day, we will probably never know, but we can learn how to polish our daily attire from Amy’s style choices.

Amy’s signature piece is her blazer. Whether donning traditional garb for meetings with foreign officials or formal attire for the Penn Trustees, Gutmann relies on a jacket to polish off her look. This piece gives her style a sense of consistency while she keeps her look exciting through different colors, patterns and necklines. If you want to take a page from the Gutmann handbook, chose a dynamic signature item, and remember to wear it even when you feel like going to class in your pajamas.

-Nanette Nunu


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