ACNE Fall 2012 Menswear

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ACNE Fall 2012 Menswear

Continuing his color blocking from last season,  Jonny Johansson never seems to tire of flouting conventions in the voyeuristic  perspective into the grungy and nonconformist world of men’s street style that is his men’s fall collection. His brooding blacks punctuated by vivid and almost bizarre color combinations and prints (that look like they could be out of your grandmother’s living room) provide a unique and refreshing alternative to the sullen colors of most fall collections.

Just as the clashing-as-matching trend has been on the rise with pink and red in women’s wear, Acne explores the same avenue for men. He combines maroon, burgundy, and bright red in a sanguine cacophony, or in one of my favorite style, bright blue, olive, and deep purple for an eclectic blend of shock value.


His matching of these bright colors against the traditional drab of fall/winter is a great inspiration for one’s own wardrobe in these closing days of winter, especially now as the days continue to feel more like spring. And slipping a bright vest or scarf into the rest of clothing is no longer the type of thing reserved for half blind senior citizens. His collection freely explores and encourages wild experimenting with colors, liberating the often frustratingly slow moving world of menswear just a little more. Combining subdued winter wear with hard black and hyper saturated colored accents surely isn’t for the timid, but these unique color combinations will be sure to be noticed.

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-Adam Warner

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