We don’t think we will have to convince you to check this kid out…

Nick Hissom, a sophomore at UPenn, is most definitely going places. With a strong modeling career (he’s a fixture at Tommy Hilfiger events) and debuting music career, Nick still finds time for schoolwork.

This month is pretty big for him. He has an Interview Magazine editorial coming out, another one from Las Vegas by Kai Z Feng, one from Bella Howard, and a cover story. Woah. The Walk will be covering these further in other articles. But let’s give you a preview for now…

All three of these photographs were taken in Nick Hissom’s house in London. Shot by Harry Crowder, a 19-year-old British photographer (most notably known for his shots of Emma Watson), these photos lead the viewer into Nick’s private life.  Harry’s signature intimate home shots, usually of celebrities or notable people, is only one of the reasons why Harry is such a young success. “The shoot was about fun, energy, intimacy, [and] it ended up adopting a rockstar vibe in the final images though it wasn’t planned for initially. The shoot started out with sultry looks and then it evolved towards the end of the day,” added Nick.

Harry Crowder (view his portfolio here)

Be sure to remember to check a more detailed article on Nick, coming soon! And read his freshman year interview by The Daily Pennsylvanian here.


Elonia McHenry

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