Style Crush: Gillian Zinser

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Style Crush: Gillian Zinser

This beautiful blonde babe is heating up the screens as surfer tomboy Ivy Sullivan on 90210. She’s gorgeous, her hair is perfect and she has that whole, “I’m super-hot, but totally just rolled out of bed this way” thing down pat.

Her style on and off screen is so effortlessly cool, you can’t help but fall in love with her laid-back charm. She’s a NYU grad, philanthropist, activist and surfing aficionado. Basically, she’s perfect.

She’s got that whole boho-chic style working in her favor. With her ultra-slim figure, pretty much everything flatters her body. Though this young broad has only be acting for two years, she definitely has the “It” factor that’ll keep her around for years to come.


Fun Fact: Ms. Zinser went to the high school that the book Mean Girls was adapted from!!

Wait, maybe that’s a bad thing? Hopefully she was more of a Cady Heron post the plastics than a Regina George.


-Nanette Nunu


  1. lucy

    i think her style is so over-rated and typical for that “type” of actress. She probably spent 2 hours trying to look like she “rolled out of bed”. Just another beatnik LA actress trying to make it on the big screen…..= boring!

  2. Jennifer

    She totally nailed that ‘dream girl’ look! Unlike some over exaggerated models that just make you feel bad about yourself. The less cartoon the more rave! It just proves that a little bit of REALLY good makeup can go a long way.

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