Lil Wayne Fashion Line?

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Lil Wayne Fashion Line?

I thought I had to be in some type of crazy lucid dream when I heard this, but it is true, our darling Little Wayne is launching a fashion line.

The skateboarding inspired design launched last Thursday in New York City with the tagline, “Respect Few, Fear None” , an homage to the rappers rough upbringing. As for the brand’s name, Trukfit, Wayne offers up this explanation, “When a person could spot a fake, they’d be like ‘you got on the truck fit,’ ” he explained to MTV News. “So now, it’s cool to have on the Truckfit, ya dig?”

At the launch party,while YMCMB music bumped in the background, male models covered in silver body paint donned Trukfit shirts, cargo shorts, fitted caps and calf socks , also wearing backpacks to tie together the whole skateboarding feel the line relies on.

But seriously, let’s just pause for second, someone let this man, start a fashion line.

But, why? He has quite the peculiar taste in clothing. Well, hey, it is the twenty-first century! You only live once, YOLO. So I wish the line tons of luck . It will be available online later this month and available at Zumiez stores and Karmaloop later this year.

Trukfit is also apparently an acronym for “The Reason You Kill For It.” Yeah, that sounds more like the Lil Wayne we know and love.

The line’s official mission: “Trukfit embodies the mind state of those who respect few and fear none. It represents those who find inspiration in the streets and have a passion for living on the edge. Trukfit is the reason you kill for it.  Whether you ride a skateboard, make music, or create art; Trukfit outfits your lifestyle.”

 Source: WWD

-Nanette Nunu

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