Layering Necklaces

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Layering Necklaces

I’m sure you’ve mastered layering for the cold. At least, I know I have. (Tights underneath pants? Two pairs of tights with dresses? Slightly embarrassing, but I get cold.) So what about jewelry? I’m sure you have multiple favorite necklaces so why not try wearing a few at a time? But please, don’t mix gold with silver…

If you start to have too many chains (aka more than two or three), then double up on each chain. The effect? A charm bracelet-esque beautiful necklace.

Can’t figure it out yourself? Look to Jennifer Fisher Jewelry for tons of advice and sample looks. Yes, her charms are pricey, so if you don’t want to invest in them, look elsewhere for great similar options!

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P.S. I personally wear one, two, or three of my favorites at a time. My go to? I  layer a bean, a tusk, and either a cursive letter ‘e’, or a clover with mother of pearl– all in gold. (and all are from different designers!)

Elonia McHenry

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