Back to Black: Inspired by Amy Winehouse

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Back to Black: Inspired by Amy Winehouse

Jean-Paul Gaultier paid homage to beloved Amy Winehouse (RIP) in his Spring 2012 Couture collection in Paris last week. The show was complete with a live doo-wop band performing the  late singer’s most memorable hits. The models emulated the dark beauty to a tee with dramatic black eyeliner, black mole and the notorious beehive hair-do.  They wore “disheveled couture” looks with bra straps showing, jackets slightly askew, and strutted down the runway with rugged attitudes and cigarettes in hand. Take a look at all the fabulous looks appropriately named after Ms. Winehouse’s best hits.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Goes Back To Black- Spring 2012 Couture photo 7

The show was raunchy and enticing– Gaultier was able to successfully capture the fearless no bull**** attitude of the singer. There was drama and excess, with a show stopping, over-the-top finale where all the models came out wearing black veils.

Jean Paul Gaultier's Homage to Amy Winehouse

For more pictures, check out this link.

-Nanette Nunu


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