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Party Party Party!

It’s early December so we know what that means for all of us involved in Greek life here at Penn.

It’s semi-formal season!

In the midst of all the darkness that surrounds finals, last minute midterms, final papers, and semester projects is the bright light of formal and semi-formal for various organizations. It’s time to celebrate the end of the semester with your favorite people, get all dolled up and have an amazing night on the town before locking yourself up  and burying yourself into a mountain of textbooks.

Obviously, you want to look your best.

Don’t know what kind of look you want to go for?  Why not take some inspiration from young hollywood? Young stars having been rocking it recently and they say imitation is the best form of flattery, no?

Yes, yes it is.

Most people will probably be rocking short dresses,





But, remember to be bold. Forge your own path and be daring and wear a long dress!




   Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Valentino Couture Evening Dress 1  


And boys, don’t think we forgot about you. You need to look your best (or you stand the chance of your date going home with someone else).

Oooh, scandalous.




Hope everyone has a lovely time at their respective formals.

-Nanette Nunu

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