iPad Apps for the Fashion Forward

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iPad Apps for the Fashion Forward

So you’ve already gotten that cute Marc Jacobs iPad case, or paid for the Words with Friends cheating app, what more can you do with your shiny apple product (besides scrolling through Facebook during that three-hour lecture)? Get more apps, that’s what! When there are over 500,000 applications (and counting) in Apple’s iTunes store, there are never a shortage of ways to entertain (read: distract) yourself. With apps made for all sorts of people, including cooks, sports enthusiasts, etc.; it comes as no surprise that there are now a multitude of apps made with the fashionista in mind, and best of all – they’re (mostly) free! Here are some of the most fashionable apps:

1. New York Times

The New York Times has just released an application called, “The Collection”, this past Tuesday. The Collection is a visual playground where you are encouraged to explore the latest in fashion news as well as browse through more than 150 designer galleries from the current season.

The Collection’s design showcases photo slide shows, blog posts, videos and articles, offering you a graphic entry point to The Times’s daily fashion content. The app is organized into five sections, with the option to view “All” or filter content according to a specific category: News, Trends, Street and Runway.

2. Net-a-Porter

With the new Net-A-Porter app, you can shop, browse, read, and watch where you are! The app streamlines your experience with options like making a wishlist, and sharing items you see with friends and family. Check out their launch video for a full on demonstration of how and what you can do with the app.

3. Style.com Mobile

With their slogan as “See Fashion First,” you’ll undoubtedly be up to date with all the latest fashion trends and news. The app automatically updates your devices with the most current coverage. You can also download and browse every look from New York, London, Milan, and Paris; stream runway videos; see the latest party pics; and more with this all-in-one app.

4. Zinio

My personal favorite,  Zinio brings the newsstand to you and allows you to read all your favorite magazines and newspapers with the swipe of your finger. What’s even better is that all your favorite magazines are in one place, minus the clutter (and paper, go green!). With Zinio, you’re able to browse through countless magazines which are updated daily. The only downside is that the app requires a monthly subscription. However, if you read as much as I do, and have TIME an Vogue magazines piling up in the corner of your room, then the app is well worth it.



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