IOTD: Take Ivy


IOTD: Take Ivy

While rushing to get that last book for your class, or picking up an umbrella after realizing that it rains here (…a lot), you may have overlooked this treasure hiding within the shelves. (Okay, so maybe not hiding, since it was in the bestsellers, but let’s assume you pass by that section…) Anyway…

Here’s the big idea: Four Japanese style enthusiasts went around America’s elite Ivy League universities and photographed the trademark trad look of the era. Simple enough, but the results were a lot more iconic than anyone could have hoped for. They took pictures of a time when style was truly authentic, when men didn’t try too hard, and when the classic American look ruled above all. What amazed me more than anything was just how put-together every single subject was in the pictures. I guess those really were the good ‘ole days, after all!



Here are a few pages from the book:

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