IOTD: Gifts for Parents


IOTD: Gifts for Parents

Are your parents hard to shop for? Well, if they’re mine, the answer is yes. My parents never want anything! So, to help those of you who might have the same problem, here are the best options for those parents who we love, want to give gifts to, but who never seem to want anything….

For Mom:

Ina Garten cookbooks











My mom loves to cook, and although we like to believe she whips up her concoctions from memory alone, the truth is she sometimes needs some help. Insert Ina, otherwise known as the Barefoot Contessa – culinary genius and queen of the simple recipe. With tons of different books – from Parties to French cooking to the basics – this gift will surely be great for any Mom!

For Dad:

Esquire’s Eat Like A Man

 And for my dad, there’s this little gem. Covering foods that are distinctly “manly” (think meatball subs and steaks…lots of steaks) this gift won’t fail to impress your father. He’ll be cooking, grilling, just generally whipping up feasts!


And for the parents who don’t like to cook at all….








Steven Starr Gift Cards! These won’t fail to please, as parents can use them on any of their visits to Philadelphia (presumably with you, double score!) He has restaurants of all shapes and sizes so there’s no way you won’t find some food you like!

– Hannah Bender


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