What’s In Your Makeup Bag? – An interview with beauty expert Carie Brescia

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What’s In Your Makeup Bag? – An interview with beauty expert Carie Brescia

The stunning Carie Brescia showing off her signature look.

This month, I sat down with Philly’s own celebrity make-up artist and Beauty Expert, Carie Brescia, to pick her brain about careers in cosmetics and to get the inside scoop about what you should have in your makeup bag this season.   Carie has created a new standard in the beauty industry, appearing regularly on Philadelphia’s Lifestyle and Entertainment Show, The 10! and Good Day Philadelphia.   In addition to having her own line of cosmetics, Carie is also a spokesperson for Olay, Covergirl and Maybelline.  With her bubbly personality and positive energy, Carie’s interview with The WALKwent nearly an hour over because we couldn’t get enough of her!


Carie applying crème eyeliner to one of her models.

The WALK: How do you define beauty?

Carie Brescia:  I look at beautiful women and I look at beautiful men.  There is the physical beauty like an 18 year old model, but real beauty is when people can say “wow, you look so great” and it doesn’t really matter if they have makeup on or not.  If you are in a good place in your head, in your life, and in your heart – to me, that is beauty.


The WALK:  What is your favorite part of your job?

CB: I get to work with my hands and put something creative out there into the world.  I love empowering young women.  I don’t think you need to wear makeup to feel confident, but I meet a lot of people who need a pick-me-up:  There is something about putting on a pair of Louboutins that makes you walk differently and hold yourself to a higher standard.


Carie’s favorite NARS Crème blush in Cactus Flower.

The WALK:  What make-up item is your must-have?

CB:  Eyebrows! I can’t live without eyebrow powder and a brush.  Brows, crème blush and mascara.  If you really want to do it up, curl your lashes first.


The WALK:  What is the most common mistake women make with make-up?

CB:  They don’t know how to apply bronzer.  A lot of people apply bronzer like you apply a blush; but, in reality, bronzer should halo the face.  Literally, trace around the outer edges of your face to warm everything up.  A lot of people use bronzer without blush, but it makes your face look one-dimensional.  More often than not, I would say get rid of the bronzer and just use a good blush.


Hide every flaw with Carie’s recommended concealer, Benefit Erase-Paste.

The WALK:  What is the best trend in the industry right now?

CB:  Trends schmends.  Every winter, it’s like let’s do the cranberry lip and the dark smoky eye.  The best trend is knowing who you are.  I always wear my makeup the same way, and I don’t care.  If that is what works for my face and it’s not broken, I’m not going to fix it.


The WALK:  What kind of products are worth buying designer brands and which are worth sticking to the drugstore?

CB:  Mascara is mandatory in the drugstore because they are all pretty much the same, and made in the same factory somewhere in Germany.  Also, lipstick and lip glosses.  Spend a little more on foundations and eye shadows, because the drugstore brands tend to dry out quickly.

After we finished up with Carie, we convinced her to spill the beans about the best brands and products to buy right now (besides her own of course!).


–       MASCARA:  Falsies from Maybelline and Loreal Volumnious – always in black.

–       CONCEALER:  Benefit Erase-Paste.  It only comes in three colors but most women are shade #2.

–       BLUSH:  NARS crème blush.  Use Cactus flower for fairer skin and Lokoum for more olive skin tones.

–       MOISTURIZER:  Carie thinks fancy moisturizing crèmes are crap and still sticks to the original $12 old school, Burts Beeswax.

–       EYELINER:  Almay black liquid eyeliner.  Carie loves this one and it “stays on like gangbusters”.

Photos Courtesy of: www.phillystreetstyle.comwww.cariebrescia.com, Nars Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, and Burts Bees (from Top to Bottom)

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