[The WALK Around the World] Parisian Chic


[The WALK Around the World] Parisian Chic

As far as I can tell, the stereotype is true: Parisian women really are impeccably stylish.  Okay, so maybe not every single one of them.  But in general, I’ve never seen so many chic women in one place.  Though I may never master the perfect Parisian je ne sais quoi myself, I’d like to think I’ve cracked at least a few French style secrets during my few months abroad here…

Sometimes, simple is best.  A perfect blouse paired with color-contrasting pants makes for an effortlessly stylish ensemble.

Sexy doesn’t mean showing lots of skin.  While neither tight nor revealing, this red hot, glamorous jumpsuit will catch any stranger’s eye.

Don’t try too hard.  Slightly disheveled hair, flats instead of heels, or even an untucked shirt can take an outfit from overdone to chic.

Last but not least, confidence counts.  No matter what you’re wearing, work it.

Leah Pellegrini

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