[The WALK Around the World] Inside Paris Fashion Week ’11


[The WALK Around the World] Inside Paris Fashion Week ’11

My name is Leah.  I’m a junior at Penn, and I’ve been writing and styling for The WALK since the start of my freshman year.  I love spending my college years in Philadelphia–I love its art, its music, its cheesesteaks, and of course, its often underrated fashion.  But this fall, I’m switching things up with a semester abroad and getting to know a whole new city: Paris!

When I’m not stumbling over French sentences (“Un pain au chocolat, s’il vous plait?”) or struggling with my homework, I often feel like I’m living in some sort of real-life fairytale here.  Everything about Paris is so inspiring, including both the city itself and its inhabitants.  It’s often the fashion, naturally, that inspires me most of all.  But the overwhelming, exciting, bustling glory of this magical city often has a keen way of whisking me away from real life: sometimes I forget to pause for a moment and truly take it all in.  As I enjoy my final month and a half here, I hope that this column will give me a chance to reflect on some of my favorite Parisian moments, while giving you a taste of the lovely Parisian charm.

Below are some photos from my favorite abroad experience so far (if not my favorite life experience ever): Paris Fashion Week, back in September and October.  I caught a glimpse of some of the biggest names in the fashion world from just a few feet away and admired some stunning outfits sported by the lucky fashion show attendees.  Enjoy!

Anna Dello Russo, looking absolutely fabulous

Kate Lanphear and a lucky fan

Ciara--who knew a beehive hairdo could look this good?

Nina Garcia

Taylor Tomasi Hill. I wrote a Style Crush post about her last year--still can't believe I saw her in person!

Rachel Zoe, sassy as always

For more Fashion Week photos, click here.

Leah Pellegrini


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