Style Crush: Pharrell Williams

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Style Crush: Pharrell Williams


This is the best way I can sum up the style of  rapper, singer, record producer, composer, and fashion designer, Pharrell Williams.   Most know Pharrell for his musical endeavors with N.E.R.D, The Neptunes,  and of course probably his most famous song, Drop It Like It’s Hot with Snoop Dogg.


This is a man of many talents, but we, at The Walk, are extremely in awe of his fashion lines, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. They are both luxury lines that are  simple yet exquisitely put together.  They are perfect for 20-30 year old successful, hip, and young gentlemen.


BBC and Ice Cream both clearly reflect Pharrell’s style which can be described as bold, ahead of the curve, and composed.

Clearly, I’m obsessed. We don’t do male style crushes often, but Pharrell, is certainly deserving of this style spotlight.



And when you’re done ogling him, check out the BBC/Ice Cream Blog!

– Nanette Nunu












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