Style Crush: Iggy Azalea

Style Crush

Style Crush: Iggy Azalea

Gettin’ Iggy with it.

Kreayshawn, watch out.

Actually, everyone, WATCH OUT.

Newest on the music scene is this Australian bombshell, Iggy Azalea. 

This 21 year old broad is nothing you’d expect; she’s a hard core rapper who is spittin’ fire and taking names. Her idol is none other than, Tupac Shakur and after you’ve listened to just a few of her songs, you’ll be hooked. She’s got the attitude of Kreayshawn, the beauty of a Victoria’s Secret Model, and the swagger of Lil Wayne.

She is a no bull****-having , track-spitting, hardcore rap machine that answers to absolutely nobody.

But, while her music is amazing, what I find even more amazing is her sense  of style.


If the rap thing doesn’t work out, I say she looks into modelling.


-Nanette Nunu

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