Silk City Talks Penn Music Collective


Silk City Talks Penn Music Collective

Are you a music fan? A passionate Penn student? A supporter of your community and fellow students?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, we figure you’ll want to walk on site this Thursday, Dec. 1 at 8pm to SPEC’s first annual Penn Music Collective at St. Mary’s Church (39th and Locust).

“What’s that?” you may ask. For shame!

Well, it’s a concert. Duh. Its purpose is to facilitate a more open and accessible Penn music community, with proceeds going to support the UPenn Vagina Monologues. The kick-ass show will feature some of Penn’s most well known bands like Fat Panther, Slow Dance Chubby, Red Giants, and Silk City.

Silk City features Justin Ostroff (’12) on lead vocals, Matt Gralla (’12) and Evan Brower (’12) on guitar, David Berliner (’12) on drums,and Alex Silverman (’14) on bass. We were lucky enough to sit down with these hysterical and pretty hunky guys to hear more about the event and their band.

The Walk: What’s your band and your music all about?

David Berliner: We are all from different parts of the country and came with different musical influences, our band is a representation of all our backgrounds and the music that we love.

Justin Ostroff: We like to blend folk, pop, rock and alternative indie music. Any of those genres could be the driving force behind a particular song.

TW: If you had to pick 3 words to describe yourselves…

Evan Brower: wannabe alpha males

Alex Silverman: pretty little liars

DB: big and tasty

TW: How did you get together?

EB: Matt was my freshman year roommate. We became even closer friends while studying abroad last year in Barcelona. There, we started writing songs and talking about putting a group together back at school.

AS: I joined at the beginning of this school year. They needed a bass player and knew that I played. The rest was history.

JO: The first time the five of us jammed together earlier this year, we knew we finally hit the jackpot.

TW: Tell us a bit about the Dec. 1st concert?

DB: The idea for the concert was thrown around for a while, but before linking up with Adam Savitt, a friend and fellow musician, and Sam Gorski from SPEC it was just a thought, and they really helped make it a reality. At Penn, there aren’t a ton of outlets for musicians to get together and play independently. We started speaking and planning with other student bands on campus to throw a concert to showcase independent music at Penn to raise awareness about what students are doing creatively, and also hopefully motivate some musicians to start forming new groups. We linked up with Vagina Monologues because we really wanted to support a campus organization, and we couldn’t be more excited that they’re involved with the show. They will be collecting donations, and also selling some merchandise and other goodies.

TW: How’d you get the inspiration to do it?

DB: Music has been such a huge part of all of our Penn experiences, and we wanted to continue to get the word out about independent student music while helping to support an amazing local cause. Many of the members of the bands playing in the show are graduating in the Spring, and we hope that this can become an event which will continue to display independent music at Penn, and maybe even get some new bands together in the future.

TW: What would you say is your band’s personal style?

Matt Gralla: Boys next door to a thrift store.

AS: Javier Bardem circa Vicky Christina Barcelona. Two words: Linen Pants.

EB: Abercrombie fierce.

TW: How does your music help you pick up the ladies?

EB: Golly.

MG: Why do you think I begged Hannah Bender to put us in the Walk Magazine?

DB: We usually have to tell people we are in Off the Beat.

TW: If the 5 of you had a knife fight, who would win?

MG: It would be a close battle between me and Justin. I watch a lot of Iron Chef, but Ostroff is fucking fiesty.

AS: Matt wins…quite easily I may add. He watches too much Food Network not to be handy with a knife.

JO: For the sake of our futures, let’s not and say we did?

DB: Honestly we’d probably all get arrested before anyone drew blood.

TW: How much do you guys love the Walk Magazine?

AS: Like, so much…

MG: As much as I love Kusshi oysters, which is saying something.

EB: That’s my shit dough.

DB: McRib status.

TW: And specifically the online features section?

AS: Let’s just say I won’t stop checking the website until I get a solo shot from Locust Walk.

DB: Two McRibs? And fries? Basically, it’s an obsession.

Well there you have it. Make sure you check out Silk City and all the other awesome Penn bands at 8pm on Thursday, Dec. 1st at Saint Mary’s Church.

– Hannah Bender


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