IOTD: Falling Whistles


IOTD: Falling Whistles

It’s rare that one comes across something that’s beautiful in both appearance and meaning. Falling Whistles is a great organization that seeks to end the prevalence of children soldiers and the cycle of violence in the Congo, a country torn by war and international commercial interests. Their weapon of choice? The whistle – often the same and only weapon so many children soldiers were armed with as they were sent to the front lines of battle – forced to distract the enemy soldiers and serve as human shields.

The proceeds from their sales are funneled into on-the-ground organizations in Congo that seek to rehabilitate children through art and education;  Falling Whistles does not directly intervene, but rather acts through established groups that desperately need funding. So often we civilians in the first world forget about how real the suffering in other areas of the world can be, and Falling Whistles gives us the chance to become whistleblowers against violence in a country where the situation is one of the most dire. We can take those whistles, once the symbol of their enslavement, and remake it as an icon of hope and global solidarity.

The metropolitan style whistles come in a variety of finishes, from brass to gunmetal and even gold, so they easily fit into any wardrobe. And it’s nice to feel that at least something you wear is more than vanity. The mild rustication keeps the whistle relaxed – it goes great with white cotton or anytime you want to dress down to dress up – thrifted blazers or denim will always go well here. It’s great focus to an otherwise plain outfit and provides a better response than, “Oh, it’s from H&M”. Classic piece with a good cause. Starts at $34.

-Adam Warner

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