Hurrah for the Red and the Blue!

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Hurrah for the Red and the Blue!

It’s that time of the year again to start pulling out the red and blue – Homecoming! However, before you start sifting through your closet looking for that free Penn shirt you got during NSO, or that tried and true hoodie you’ll never be seen without come finals time (unfortunately, I too have been a victim of Penn-apparel-philia during that time of the year), think twice and go for a chicer route. Red and blue are primary colors you probably already have in your closet, however, due to their boldness, you’ve probably never thought to pair together. So how can you wear red and blue without looking like you’re getting ready to go to a Fourth of July party? Here are a couple of ways:

Stripes and Solids:

Since red and blue can be a bit overwhelming to wear together, lighten up the loudness of one of the colors by wearing it in stripes! (Word of caution: Avoid red and white striped shirts with denim- you’ll look like a female Waldo.) Colored denim is a big trend this fall, so why not monopolize it and wear those red jeans you’ve been too afraid to wear? Who says you can’t be spirited and fashionable?

Red pants, however, are not for the faint of heart. So if that look isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can always opt for a safer, nautical look, incorporating navy and white stripes and solid red. The following is an example:

Tone it down a bit:

 Try going for different shades of blue and red, rather than the classic “Penn” red and blue. If wearing bright red bottoms, try opting for a sky blue top. Or pair maroon and navy; the possibilities are endless!

Add some neutrals:

 Red is a powerful color, so you can try to balance it with a neutral, like taupe or brown. This could be in the form of pretty much anything – like a big, comfy cardigan, blazer, or even your belt and shoes. Along with the blue, it’ll streamline the look and keep you looking contemporary and trendy!

So there you have it! Try out some of these looks and you’ll be sure to have the Quaker giving you a second glance.

Mariam Mahbob

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