Fall Fashion Must Haves!


Fall Fashion Must Haves!

If the snow on Family Weekend didn’t tell us that Fall has arrived, the wind nipping at our noses has definitely gotten the point across. But fear not! Yes, I know it’s cold, but Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons: with golden leaves and crisp, blue skies, you might just find the inspiration to make your wardrobe even more fabulous and ready to take on Fall!

Here are some of my favorite fall pieces:

1) The Cape

Cape: Chris & Jamie, $275, Barneys New York

I cannot tell you how much I adore capes this season. They make black leggings and boots look like a million bucks, and they are a gorgeous piece to add to your wardrobe. Take caution though, because they’re not the best for Northeast winter, so wear them before it really starts to get cold!

2) The Black Legging

Leggings: BCBG Max Azria Bryant Combo Leggings, $148, BCBG.Com

Alright, I know you’re thinking I’m crazy to put leggings on a list of Fall Must Haves, but the right pair of leggings will change your life. They’re slimming, comfortable, and go with everything, including everything on this list. So if you don’t have a go-to pair of leggings, you need to get on that ASAP. While the leggings pictured are a little pricey, go to American Apparel or H&M for affordable options (H&M’s leggings start at an amazing $9.95).

3) The Functional Boot

Boot: Ugg Amberlee, $295, UggAustralia.com

Riding boots have established themselves as a classic Fall staple piece. That being said, what I find is important this season is functionality. Penn has a beautiful campus, but there is undoubtedly a lot of walking involved in a day; gone are the days of high school where you walk 1/5 of a mile total per day. College is different, and you need a boot to reflect that. As the weather dips further down the thermometer, you’ve got to take extra measures to keep your feet nice and toasty.  Did you know Ugg makes fashionable boots? Well they do, and if you’re willing to spend a little (okay, a lot) more, take a look at The Collection, which has gorgeous shearling lined options, like The Sassari.

These are just a few pieces to have for Fall, but the options are endless! For bonus finds, check out thrift stores around Philly (like Buffalo Exchange) for oversized sweaters and sweatshirts (the men’s section is your greatest resource).

-Maegan Cadet

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