Exploring the Blogosphere

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Exploring the Blogosphere

I have to admit, before this summer I didn’t even realize the existence of such a wide array of fashion blogs out in the blogosphere. It didn’t take long for me to become hooked on several of them, ranging from blogs about fashion to food to decorating. The selection below includes a blog by one of my favorite fashion bloggers and two blogs our web team currently loves. Here’s to hours spent perusing the fabulous content of these blogs.

1. Natalie Off Duty

Photo Credit: natalieoffduty.blogspot.com

Written by model and fashion aficionado Natalie Suarez, this blog records all of Natalie’s fabulous outfits. Along with beautiful photographs, she includes the brands or origins of the pieces she wears, so the entire blog is full of fashion inspiration and new stores to check out. Her slightly offbeat style and her mix of high-end and vintage looks makes her blog refreshing to read – there’s always a piece that really catches my eye, whether it’s this amazing orange blouse or this beautiful bag.

P.S., did I mention that Natalie is the sister of fellow blogger Dylana Suarez, whose Color Me Nana blog we featured a few weeks ago?

2. Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP

Photo Credit: goop.com

GOOP is a blog that’s all about Gwyneth Paltrow’s advice on life, ranging from her thoughts on the best places to hang out, the latest fashions, her favorite foods, and more. Although some of her fashion suggestions are a little pricey (a $90 basic tee, Gwyneth? no thanks), she does suggest some reasonably priced pieces, like a few of the winter boots on this list. Can’t get enough of Gwyneth? You can even subscribe to GOOP’s weekly newsletter.

3. Collage Garage

Photo Credit: collagegarage.shutterfly.com

While not strictly fashion-related, this blog features some amazingly creative collages. It’s a great site to find some inspiration, whether it’s for decorations, your own collage, or for your next artistic venture. I’m loving some of the fashion-themed collages like the one above.

-Erica Ma

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