Beat the Bloat this Thanksgiving

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Beat the Bloat this Thanksgiving

We all know Thanksiving is God’s holiday gift to gluttons. But, for those of you anxious over packing on the pounds, The Walk is here to help.

If your family is like mine, there will be endless options on the buffet table (with plenty to go around also). Although portion control is the best way to get through the turkey day, we thought we’d enlighten you about how to make healthy choices on turkey day too – if you’re so inclined.











1. For the main event – stick to white meat turkey breast. Turkey is a great source of protein and is low in saturated fat. 1 medium sized slice is only 25 calories! So try and stick to this over the dark meat or honey baked ham. And, an added bonus is it’ll get you full faster so you’re less likely to overeat.











2. Whether roasted or mashed, if made without a lot of butter, sweet potatoes are a great healthy side option. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C and a half cup comes in at only 125 calories. That certainly beats 300 calories for a half cup of stuffing. And, although mashed potatoes might have a similar caloric value, they are not nearly as rich in nutrients.














3. Despite it’s bad reputation, gravy isn’t actually a terrible option! There’s way less fat than you’d expect and a quarter cup is only 50 calories. People often think cranberry sauce is the better option, but it’s usually packed with sugar. A quarter cup is 105 calories.












4. Lastly, for dessert, opt for pumpkin pie over any cheesecake or pecan pie. A slice is 300 calories, compared to cheesecake’s 400 and pecan pie’s 500! Pumpkin pie packs a lot of vitamin A and is definitely lower in fat than most other dessert options.

So good luck and happy eating! May your indigestion be mild…

– Hannah Bender

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