The Recessionista Tackles Partying on a Budget


The Recessionista Tackles Partying on a Budget

Does this sum up your Friday night?

I have one rule when going out: if you want to party with me, you’ve got to look a little scandalous. Now, I know some of you are giving me The Eye right now, but this is one thing on which I will not compromise. Look at it this way: we spend the entire week dressing for class and looking like contributing members of society; when do we ever get the chance to look straight out of  Anthony Vaccerella’s Spring 2012 line? The weekend. I urge you to take full advantage of this festive time to shake what your mother has bestowed upon you in clothes that she should never see you wearing.

One problem: party clothes cost a lot. Right? Wrong.

Festive attire only costs a lot if the store you shop in is the American Apparel on Walnut or Barney’s Co-op downtown. Here are some outfits with items that cost less than forty dollars and will guarantee that you turn heads.*

*For your safety Penn escort may be required. We want to turn heads, not get followed home.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for party clothes is versatility; you want to be able to reuse the items as much as possible. For this reason, my favorite piece from this set is black body con miniskirt (which I actually own). It’s only $5.95 and can be worn with a blazer or oversized cardi and tights to class, or with a tucked in tank or blouse to a party. The skirt comes in many colors and is a definite must! Each of these pieces can be worn in the daytime, so long as you alter them appropriately  (oversized blazers are your friend). You’ll expand not only your nighttime wardrobe, but also your daytime one.

Forever 21 Does Nightlife


These pieces from Forever 21 are less versatile, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices. I have a mild obsession with one-shoulder dresses for some reason, so I will always suggest wearing one to a party; they’re just so cute!

On a final note, ladies please keep in mind  the weather. NSO is over and we are entering those chilly nights perfect for snuggling; if it’s cold and rainy and you must go out, please bring a jacket .


-Maegan Cadet

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