Style Crush: Felicity Jones

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Style Crush: Felicity Jones

Don’t know her? You should. This beautiful Brit is the female lead in the new indie flick Like Crazy. I got the chance to screen the movie this week and it was AH-MAZING. It was very Blue Valentine-esque, but with more hope for actually finding a lifetime love.

I’ve definitely got a soft spot for all young British women,  which might have to do with my Skins obsession ( Effy Stonem is my idol).  And upon seeing Felicity  in person at the screening, I was in love.  She’s just perfect. Her style varies from coquettish and whimsical, to very dark and elegant.

As you can see, she always knows the right thing to wear and always has on a pout that so splendidly borders on the line between mysterious she-devil and perfect angel.


If like me, you’re a lover of a great indie romance like 500 Days of Summer , Blue Valentine, or Never Let Me Go, this movie is right up your alley. It’s a perfect twist on the usual love story.

Plus, it was shot on a regular old Canon 7D, providing for several close ups of our darling Felicity.


-Nanette Nunu


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