Skinny Girl does Skin Care

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Skinny Girl does Skin Care

Our favorite Skinny Girl, Bethenny Frankel ( of Real Housewives of New York fame) has done it again. Her newest business venture is a little different from her explosively popular Skinnygirl Maragaritas, but Ms. Frankel wants to apply the same mass marketing idea to her new skin care endeavor and plans to create a simple line that will deliver what it promises rather than, “you’re going to look like Heidi Klum in two days’ or ‘like you had a face-lift”. She wants to create  a line that is cheap and affordable which is why the brand, Skinnygirl Face & Body and Skinnygirl Mommy, will be debuting at Wal-Mart before the end of the year.

The line will include products for face and body with scents inspired by Skinnygirl and Sangria. They’ll include problem solving regimens, lip plumping ointments, and various hand and body lotions.

The line is estimated to be valued at up to $18 million within its first year…sound crazy? Well think about this, the Skinnygirl Margarita brand sold earlier this year for over $100 million dollars.

The woman is rolling in money. As long as she keeps innovating and targeting middle-aged women (who love to drink and take care of their skin) she’ll be successful for decades to come.

This is one housewife we can actually be proud of.

Can’t say the same about this one:

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  1. S A Werner

    Just used the face scrub. Almost peeled off my skin. Way to harsh. Should be better used as a foot scrub, NOT THE FACE.

    Tryed the face mask…OMG…it felt like Vickes vapor rub, and the uncomfortable cooling sensation lasted over an hour. HORRIBLE.

    Both products need to be recalled or lable them for foot therapy.

    The tinted most. was really nice. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the packaging. Feels cheap. The plastic seems to thin or something.

    S A Werner

  2. EsteeDarla

    Keep in mind people that just cause someone gets famous and start putting out all sorts of products with their name signed to them ask your self did they actually sit down and do their research and create this product or did they just slap their name on it for the money?????? It looks like another celebrity who is slapping her name on things there’s other housewives coming out with their make up lines and skin care so whats that tell you in researching them they had no nothing in the backgrounds of this type stuff . So don’t get caught up in the hype if you do buy it save your receipt so you can take it back if your not happy with end results….

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