Shopping in your mom’s closet


Shopping in your mom’s closet

With Fall Break upon us, there are probably infinite things you’d rather do than work on that paper due next week when you’re back— shopping, anyone? But we’re in college, it’s midterm season, and we’re probably feeling strapped for cash after the amount of coffee we’ve had to buy to fuel us through this week.

If you’re heading home for the long weekend, though, consider your options. You could throw yourself on the mercy of your mom’s wallet at the mall, or you could get creative. You mom, too, was once a college student, and chances are, she knew how to dress — that’s the idea behind the new book, My Mom, Style Icon. Take some inspiration from this cool project and go shopping in your mom’s closet. If you can avoid excessive shoulder pads and overly weird 70s pants, you might just find yourself with a new wardrobe — free of charge. Besides, how cool would it be to say “Oh, my mom wore this in college” when someone compliments your new jacket?

– Eillie Anzilotti

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