Owning Your Personal Style

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Owning Your Personal Style

While seasons change trends come and go and many people find it overwhelming to keep: skinnies or wide legs, hobos or clutches, matte polish or metallic, flats or wedges. The endless options could make one’s head spin. But a true fashionista knows that the best bet is staying true to your personal style. Yes, remain current, incorporate trends that work for you and your body type, but by sticking to your own signature pieces, personal must haves, and of course an air of confidence, you are ensured a winning look time and time again. The key to style and fashion is having your own point of view.

While I could easily reference (and lust over) the unique and definitive styles of celebreties like boho Nicole Richie, feminine Tinsley Mortimer, eccentric Helena Bonham Carter, and super luxe Rachel Zoe, I feel it is more approriate in this forum to reference the style of a college student on the go.

I like to think of my “personal look” as practical, eclectic, girly, and most of all FUN! (I never take myself too seriously when it comes to clothes.)

This Seasons Personal Must Have: Jimmy Choo shearling lined motorcycle boots. Yes the price is steep but these utilitarian boots, which are slightly metallic adding a feminine touch, will carry me through the winter season (day and night).

Signature Pieces: A pave encrusted frog ring inherited from my grandmother. I have never seen another quite like hers and when wearing it I feel as if she is always with me. Layers of evil eye bracelets (the kind you can find on city streets for $5). The superstitious girl in me believes these do in fact ward off evil. Plus they always provoke curiousity in people. (Accessory, security, and conversation piece all in one.)

Trend I Won’t Give Up: The skinny jean. When it comes to jeans it is always most important to accommodate your body type no matter what designers are showing. I am aware that wide leg jeans are are currently the rage. Yet I also know that this cut will overwhelm my smaller frame and a form fitting skinny is far more flattering. I refuse to give up on the J.Crew Toothpick jean, it fits like a J.Brand but adorns a far more modest price tag.

Personal Touches: I top off every outfit with girly, fun, and occasionally childish accessories: brightly printed scarves, colorful vintage beads, a pink barrette with my name (circa 1995), or silly Pucci sunglasses (a killer find at Century 21 years ago.) These add-ons create an unexpected twist and make my look hard to duplicate.

We all have our own personalities and a diverse spectrum of inspiration. This season make it a point to incorporate your own creativity into your look. If you are happy and confident in something you have put together yourself you will never fail on the fashion forefront. Own who you are, what you like, and be your own personal stylist.

– Rachel Besvinick

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