Nelson Mandela: Activist, Leader, Fashion Icon

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Nelson Mandela: Activist, Leader, Fashion Icon

When people think of Nelson Mandela, they don’t typically think fashion icon. With the release of a fashion line inspired by Mandela, however, people just might have to start associating him with high fashion.

46664 Apparel on the runway

The line, released in late September of this year, is named 46664 Apparel, after Mandela’s former prison ID number. Part of the clothing line’s revenue will be donated to the 46664 organization, which seeks to raise awareness about global HIV/AIDS prevention.

The designs are inspired by the colorful shirts Mandela wore after taking office as president in 1994. Pieces in the line range from brightly colored shirts, scarves and hats to more muted dresses and blazers.

46664 Apparel will work with other designers in the future, and its first guest designer is rumored to be Stella McCartney.

Only stores in South Africa currently carry 46664 Apparel, but if you’re interested in purchasing a piece, they will be available soon on the 46664 online store, located here.

Pieces from the clothing line

-Erica Ma

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