IOTD: Braces as Bracelets…yes, Bracedlets


IOTD: Braces as Bracelets…yes, Bracedlets

I’ll admit it– I wasn’t exactly sure this was cool at first. But, the fashion hierarchy, tells me that they are. Colette, which everyone will (or at least should) agree, is very very cool and trendy. Colette represents the modern Parisian shopping experience and a concept store at its best. So…. here it goes… Bracedlets are kinda awesome. They bring you back to that awkward phase that you can now pretend is cool because it is over and done with (we hope).

Buy Here for 5 euros + insane shipping simply because buying things from Colette feels good or save money and Buy Here


P.S. I really like the neon ones

P.P.S. Have you heard about retainer necklaces?! Kidding. (good one-Sam Alman!)

Elonia McHenry

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