How to Scare Away Post- Halloween Bloat

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How to Scare Away Post- Halloween Bloat

After gallivanting around all weekend in ‘barely-there’ costumes and falling prey to one-too-many trick or treat induced food comas, Halloween leaves the majority of us feeling, well, sub-par. If you are waking up the day after Halloween feeling bloated, sick or just plain miserable, The Walk has got you covered with tips of how you can cure a Halloween Hangover.

Liquids: Drink a lot. Forget the high-sugar soft drink and opt for water. Other beverages that contain no sugar, no calories and no artificial flavors or preservatives will do as well. Believe it or not, more water will help you re-hydrate and get rid of that puffy feeling. Plus, it will fill you up so you won’t be inclined to over-indulge again.

High-fiber foods: It is no longer excusable to munch on candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Help move the toxins, fat and sugar out with high-fiber foods such as bran cereal, beans and legumes. A steamy bowl of steel cut oats or a hearty vegetarian chili will do the trick! Foods that are rich with fiber keep you full for longer, making it easier to keep more of the good stuff in and more of the bad stuff out.

Caffeine: A little caffeine doesn’t hurt either. While some go for a cup of coffee, which acts as a mild diuretic, to help perk up their mood better post-party, a better option is green tea. It’s not determined if it will help you lose weight, but it’s full of antioxidants and the amino acid theanine, which is thought to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Remember: There is nothing wrong with indulging now and again. But in order to keep your waistline (and sanity) in check, stick to these suggestions and you’ll be feeling great in no time!

-Lara Berns

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