Hidden Treasures at the Penn Bookstore


Hidden Treasures at the Penn Bookstore

Need a textbook? Bookstore. Need a some pens and pencils? Bookstore. New wardrobe? Bookstore. Need a compact grill? A Lego Gift set? Sex Advice? Go to Target? Walmart? Your neighborhood Kama Sutra Expert?



Yes, ye olde Penn bookstore has many a hidden gem within its overly air-conditioned,book laden walls. Most people don’t spend enough time at this campus staple to really notice the wide range of hidden items that the bookstore holds.

This short walk to 36th and Walnut, can provide you with things like, a Fashion Bible,  tips on how to be Sexy from Carmen Electra, oh and most importantly (obvs) , a US Army Survival Guide.

Take a look at what the bookstore has to offer:



All I can say is, who knew a bookstore could sell so many, err, interesting things?





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