Haute Halloween – Vogue

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Haute Halloween – Vogue

Ahh yes, it has come around yet again. The only holiday that truly matters here at Penn . It gives us an excuse to dress up  as whatever we choose, and be another person for the night.


But this year, why don’t we change it up a little bit? Make it a little more high fashion?

A little more, avant-garde, if you will.

Instead of going as the slutty witch/french maid/caution tape girl to match your bro-tastic cowboy/zombie/police officer boyfriend ( seriously, frat boys, lets try being a little more creative) – why not rewind time and add some Madonna to your life??

You know you love it. So many options! Are you going to be Like a Prayer? A Bad Girl? A Virgin? Material Girl?


Or, GASP, will you find a Britney Spears and Christina Augilera and pull a 2003 MTV Awards ?

Be bold. Here’s the chance to stand out, be fashionable and spirited!

And to whoever rocks the torpedo boobs, kudos.

Still need some inspiration?

Watch Madonna’s Video for “Vogue” 

-Nanette Nunu


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