FroGro Superfood: Bettr’n Peanut Butter

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FroGro Superfood: Bettr’n Peanut Butter


Neatly tucked into the top shelf of a Frogro aisle loaded with deceptively unhealthy cereals, bars, and instant oatmeal mixes is Bettr’n Peanut Butter. At half the calories and a fraction of the fat of regular PB, this superfood is amazing when paired with a low sugar fruit spread, incopratated into a peanut butter dessert, or devoured straight off the spoon. While it may not be “better” than its traditional counterpart( Did you really think it was going to be BETTER?), you definitely get a bang for your buck health-wise. Plus, it comes in Chocolate flavor (YUM!) and a reduced- sodium variety too ,so go ahead and indulge in this almost guilt-free treat!

Lara Berns

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