Fashion on Campus: Levi’s Comes to Penn


Fashion on Campus: Levi’s Comes to Penn

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Levi’s, ‘glamour’ and ‘cuteness’ definitely do not come to mind. Instead, I always think of cowboys. Cowboys after all, were the whole reason Levi Strauss invented denim- to serve as a durable pant for the average cattle-rangling-man in the 19th century old west.CurveIDHair So when I heard about the Mirror Mirror, What’s My Curve ID event that Levi’s was putting on, I was a bit skeptical. What does Levi’s, a company built on dressing cow-hearding men, know about my style? Regardless, I vowed to at least to check it out. And let me tell you…I was completely impressed.

When I arrived right after my math recitation, Bodek Lounge in Houston Hall had been completely transformed into a beauty and fashion studio. On one side of the room I saw a troupe of beauty artists styling Penn students with super pretty hair and make-up. On the other end was a built-in studio where the newly-dolled up participants could get a mini-photo shoot. And oh, the jeans! I learned that the company’s whole idea is that every woman should be able to find jeans that match her unique curves, without sacrificing style (finally, someone gets it). After going through hair and make-up, each participant was fitted and told her unique Curve ID, and the finally given a pair of jeans to try on in that specific shape. TCurveIDJeanshe skinny jeans they gave me to try on were great—they fit well in the thighs and in the waist, which is a rarity for me. I heard similar success stories from other students participating the event, and many even purchased the jeans on site! Oh, and did I mention that this random make over wasn’t just for fun? It was actually part of a fundraising competition between Penn and Villanova for a $10,000 grant in support of women’s arts, athletics, and academics on campus. Beauty, fashion, and supporting opportunities for Penn women? Probably the biggest perk of the day.

-Alexandra Roman

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